Where will you photograph my pet?
Wherever you want!  I shoot on-location, outside of a studio environment.  I love to photograph animals in their natural habitat where they are most comfortable and will feel free to be themselves.  I can go to your home or another favorite location.  And if you’re not sure or want a certain look, I’d be happy to make suggestions.

How long will the photo session last?
Depending on your selected package,  1 or 2 hours should be sufficient for most sessions. A longer session is recommended if multiple pets and additional family members are included in the photo shoot. 

What happens during a photoshoot?
Before I even bring out my camera, I sit with your pet and say hello. The rest of the shoot is like a big play session and you're highly encouraged to join in on the fun. Whether capturing the bond between you and your pet, or the moment that defines their 'core essence'  - happy is a great place to start. 

What makes your photos different?
I bring my years of expertise as an award winning photographer and art director to my work - both at the shoot and after. This means that you're getting commercial quality photographer at a fraction of the cost. I create modern, editorial-lifestyle images of pets and people that are real, emotional and sophisticated.

I review your photos as if they could run in an ad campaign or magazine tomorrow - so every imperfection in every photo is fixed. Tear stains, double chins, etc... Each proof in your gallery is processed with my signature processing so your images are bright, cheery and flawless. 

My pet is shy/wild/etc.. will you still be able to photograph them?
I hear this concern a lot, but still have managed to take gorgeous photos. It just takes a little patience and lots of treats! Most clients are surprised at how well their pets enjoy their special time in front of the camera. 

My dog can’t be off-leash.  Will I have to live with leashes in all of my shots?
No way.  We all want our dogs to appear free and easy, even in public places.  But the safety of your dog is always my primary concern, so I will never ask you to take your dog off-leash.  The magic of Photoshop will make your locked-down furry friend look like the most well-behaved and trustworthy pooch around.  (This is a time-consuming process, however, so leashes will only be removed on shots ordered as prints.  If you want all of your photos to be leash-free, then shooting at your home would be the best bet.) 

Why take professional photos? Are you crazy?
I think it's crazy not to have at least one professional quality photo of your beloved pet. Sadly our animals don't spend enough time with us on earth and getting professional photos taken of your pets is truly an investment you'll cherish for a lifetime 

Okay, I’m convinced!  Now what?
All you have to do is email me or give me a call!  After we set up a date and time that works for both of us, I’ll need a 50% deposit to lock it down.  We’ll discuss a location that will work best for your pet, I’ll send you a contract and questionnaire to fill out and let you know of anything you should bring with you.  Then we do the shoot!  About a week later, I’ll send you a link to an online proof gallery where you can gawk at a bunch of photos of your awesome pet and share them with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. 

Once you receive your photo CD you can print your favorites yourself or at the photo lab of your choice! If you prefer us to do the work, you can choose your favorites and order professional prints, canvases, etc.

Finally, show your friends so they can be jealous!

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